March 17, 2016

To Whom IT May Concern,

Gemterra Developments Corporation is a privately owned, family operated independent Canadian real estate investment and Development company.

Gemterra selected Active Excavating to be the excavation contractor for the Joy Condos project located on Bonis Avenue, North of Sheppard Avenue near Kennedy Road. This was a new collaboration for Gemterra and we are happy to acknowledge that we are positively impressed by Active Excavating.

Active Excavating, coordinated by Harry Diker and closely monitored by Arnie Diker, proved professionalism and competence by completing the bulk excavation on time and without negatively interfering with other contractors.

Active Excavating showed a continuous interest on following the Construction Schedule, and implemented a strict control over the excavation process. During the footing installation Active Excavating demonstrated a proven ability to collaborate with other contractors in order to facilitate a smooth transition to the next phase of the construction.

All of the above are proof of their keen interest in permanently monitoring the quality and quantity of their work, along with a high degree of technical ability, adaptability and dedication. As such, we have no doubts that you will be exceptionally pleased if you award to Active Excavating the excavation contract. If you have any questions, please contact the undersigned email.